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The Gaviota, S.A. Travel Group is the organization with the highest growth within the realm of the Cuban travel industry and the one that shows the biggest development in Latin America. With a significant presence in all main tourism regions of Cuba since its foundation back in 1988, the group has continuously worked to foster the island nation’s comprehensive development.

This reality is backed up by the fact that the Group presently runs 62 hotels and villas with 26.752 rooms, reporting some 700 billion CUC worth of annual revenues and an average growth of the hotel stock of 12.4 percent on a yearly basis. It’s market share is way over 40 percent of the tourists that arrive in destination Cuba.

This growth rate of the hotel stock is set to hold an annual level of 12.8 percent, with the building of over 1.500 rooms every year, thus doubling the number of guestrooms up to 52.000 by 2020.

In the same breath and in order to keep on developing the promotion and sale of hotel and tourism services aimed at the international outbound markets, Gaviota’s main line of business targets the association with different International Hotel Chains by means of hotel Management and Marketing Contracts, which bring about the following elements:

  • An internationally renowned trademark
  • A well-positioned booking system
  • An advertising and promotion system with impact in different markets
  • Official management and marketing methods and procedures
  • Hiring of executives with international experience
  • Knowhow and training of our workers

Therefore, the Gaviota, S.A. Tourism Group expresses its interest in the development of a fruitful collaboration with existing trade partners in the short term, the introduction of new international hotel chains that favor the diversification of our current partner portfolio, and the progressive strengthening of the Cuban tourism scenario.

Información de Contacto

GRUPO DE TURISMO GAVIOTA, S.A. Vicepresidencia de Negocios
Edificio La Marina, 3er.Piso. Ave del Puerto Nº. 102 E/Justiz y Obrapía, La Habana Vieja, La Habana 10100. CUBA
Tel.: (53) 78660811 / (53) 78695798 / (53) 78695800
Fax.: (53) 78662780 / (53) 78661879

Lot 1

Two (2) five-star hotels with 500 guestrooms each and opening slated for 2020 and 2021, respectively, located on 70th Street on the corner of 1st Avenue, Miramar.

Salinas Sureste Lot

4-start hotel with 648 rooms and opening slated for 2019, located in Cayo Las Brujas.

Salinas Noreste Lot

4-star hotel with 632 rooms and opening scheduled for 2019, located in Cayo Las Brujas

Oasis 1 Lot

5-star hotel with 400 rooms and opening slated for 2019, located on A Avenue and Vía Blanca, Varadero, Matanzas

Oasis 2 Lot

5-star hotel with 400 rooms and opening slated for 2019, located on A Avenue and Vía Blanca, Varadero, Matanzas.

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